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Who in Richmond upon Thames doesn’t dread their boiler packing up? But before you go and grab the phone for an emergency plumber, a few common sense tips can save you a call out charge!

We asked local boiler specialists in Richmond for their advice.

Double check the obvious
Has the plug/switch been turned off accidentally? Is the room thermostat and temperature dial on the boiler turned up? Does the room thermostat have batteries that need changing? Pressed the reset button?

Check the flue
Boilers may stop working because the flue is blocked. Overgrown vegetation is a common problem.

Check the gas meter
Throwing the hoover, shoes and bags under the stairs can accidentally switch the gas meter either partially or completely off. Check that the meter handle is running in line with the pipe.

Check the system pressure (if your system has one)
The pressure gauge on the boiler (or sometimes elsewhere) should be set at no lower than 0.5 when the heating is turned off and no higher than 1.5 when the heating is on.

Frozen external pipes
Yes – boilers don’t like the cold! Narrow external condense pipes can freeze. Use a hot water bottle to cover the pipe to help unfreeze it. If it keeps happening, contact us.

Still not working? Call a plumber!
Always prompt to respond, our locally recommended plumbers repair, service and install boilers.