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Ask the expert: How to prevent bike theft

Our bikes were nicked – how dare they! Moore’s Cycles in Teddington advises how to beat the bike thief.

Well it finally happened. Two bikes stolen over one weekend in Strawberry Vale, Twickenham, both securely locked – or so we thought. Lulled into a false sense of security, we thought that because they were rather old, no bike thief would want them. Wrong!

And it’s a real pain to not be able to spontaneously go for a ride. We are planning to buy new bikes, but we do urge all cyclists to take the following advice from Moore’s Cycles in Teddington.

“Anything that is likely to cost the bike thief time or hassle is more of a deterrent. Invest in a decent lock such as Kryptonite and always do the following:”

 – Use a D lock rated at least silver – harder to cut through than chain and most house insurers recognise this

 – Buy the smallest lock you can get away with – the more you fill into the D space, the trickier for the bike thief

 – Lock it to something substantial

 – Lock low down – difficult for the thief to work on

 – Lock it with the key position facing down – harder for the thief to pick the lock.

 – Get your bike security marked

Hmm! It now makes sense why our bikes were such an easy target – especially here in Richmond upon Thames where so many of us cycle.

For more information on bike locks, bike sales and servicing see Moore’s Cycles bike shops in Teddington and Twickenham.