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A harmony of ages at Hillsound in Hampton Hill

Hillsound Musical Instruments in Hampton Hill can guarantee you’re never too young – or old – to start learning to play a musical instrument.

What’s a parent to do, when the kids are clocking up unhealthy hours of ‘screen’ time? Well it’s a rare child who doesn’t enjoy some form of music. And if there’s one effective way for kids to foster self expression it’s learning to play a musical instrument.

Leonard Lamprell of Hillsound Musical Instruments is on a mission to get more local children – and adults – playing an instrument. This gem of a music shop which stocks everything from a tin whistle to a £3000 saxophone also has a recording studio and holds music classes.

Kick-starting with National Learn to Play Day, a series of additional play days will take place at Hillsound in 2013, whereby parents, kids – anyone – can go along and try out a few instruments in a friendly, relaxed place.

Leonard told us: “The skills acquired learning an instrument are many; increasing memory capacity, team skills, perseverance and discipline are just for starters. But being able to make new friends and enjoy yourself more than you could ever imagine is priceless.”

“I’m often asked what age can a child learn to play? I reply when your child is able to focus for 5 minutes or more on any given task. Meanwhile, the best instrument a child can play is generally the one your child most wants to play!”

It’s never too late to start.

A favourite client of HillSound is in her 70’s and has just started learning to play the saxophone. What are you waiting for?!