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5 top tips to creating a compelling offer

Offers can be a great tool for local businesses to attract new customers. But you need to create a compelling offer that will get you the right sort of clients. Here’s our top tips…

Competition is fierce – and let’s be honest – downright disheartening for the business owner, when you feel you are constantly having to cut down on price, because your competitors are.

So, how can you construct a tempting offer – that doesn’t see you out of pocket?

Be generous for a short time scale. A sense of urgency around a ‘makes sense’ offer is more likely to get people to respond, than an average offer that continuously runs.

1. Freebies: Add value by including a product you can buy at cost, or a service that consumes little extra time, that is attractive to the customer – and can work out more profitable than reducing your price e.g.

– FREE eyelash tint with Luxury Boost Facial
– FREE Glossing with emulsion work
– FREE lawn feed with lawn mowing service

2. Special Pricing: Keep it simple, make it worthwhile and valid for only a short time:

– SAVE £15 ……Just £35, usual price £50.
– Buy One Get One Free (2-4-1) consistently works better than 50% off or half price
– SAVE 25% – unless the value of your item is high worth, less than 20% is not that compelling an offer

3. Justify the amazing value you are giving – don’t just state the price, let the customer know HOW the offer will be useful or enjoyable to them.

i.e. Tired looking skin? Enjoy 60 minutes of pure relaxation with the Luxury Boost Facial that will leave your skin naturally glowing and you feeling refreshed. PLUS, you will receive a complimentary eyelash tint (value £16) to enhance the natural depth and colour of your eyes.

4. Add a testimonial to deter objections:

“I really didn’t want to go on holiday looking so worn out! The Luxury Boost Facial let me drift into another world, where work and family worries were left outside the room. The transformation of my pale and tired looking skin to naturally glowing in just 60 minutes was a real boost. It is the first time I had tried an eyelash tint and I am now a convert – no mascara needed and my eyes looked continually refreshed!”

5. Strong call to action: Never presume the customer will know what to do! Make it clear how to claim the offer – and the expiry date.

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So how can you promote your offer locally?

Local businesses in Richmond upon Thames can promote their offers through this website – contact us to find out more.