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How much will a home extension cost?

It’s often the first question on the lips of homeowners planning a kitchen extension or loft conversion.

It’s also often why building projects go wrong right from the outset. Simply giving the builder a rough idea of what you want and going for the cheapest quote is usually a surefire recipe for disaster.

At HollandGreen, we advise our clients to work out what budget you have and what you would like to do. We can then advise on what’s possible.

With major building projects, it’s usually something you’re only going to once, so it’s really important to get it right and make the most of the space. Going for the cheapest initial quote will normally mean builders using low level technical expertise. For example, when undertaking a loft conversion you need to replace the ceiling with a proper floor. A shortcut would be to simply add joists above the existing ceiling joists, but this means you’re not maximising the volume.

Another very common issue is the confusion around what’s actually allowed, particularly in view of the recent changes to planning rules. Many builders are not entirely up to speed on current legislation and unless you have a clear understanding of building control and budgets, you may well find yourself in hot water with the planning authority or presented with a final bill that bears no relation to the initial quote!

So a far better initial question would be “What can I achieve within the budget I have available?”.

When you have lived somewhere for a long time, you get used to how things are and may not even realise that things like moving a kitchen can be relatively easy to accomplish. It’s amazing what a bit of lateral thinking, fresh eyes and new ideas from an experienced architect can add.

At HollandGreen, our mission is to create beautiful, elegant and spacious interiors that will be enjoyed for longer. We understand space planning, how to make it all work and can elegantly escort you through the process.