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Womens Cycling: Top tips for bike comfort

Ben at Moore’s Cycles in Twickenham, gives a few useful tips to ensure more comfort when cycling.

Ouch! If cycling is meant to be good for you, why can it also be so uncomfortable? Aches, pains and saddle soreness aren’t a lot of fun. BUT – none of these should be the case. Your bike should feel like a comfortable extension of your body. If it doesn’t then something is not quite right – that can be fixed.

Bike fit

When women call into our store feeling uncomfortable on their bike, the first thing to look at is the bike fit. We take a look at the contact points; how your leg extends, how your arm extends, the angle of your wrists and the ergonomics of the handlebar grips.

Common signs of discomfort and what they mean

Knee pain – the saddle may be too low putting pressure on the knee joint as your leg extends

Hip pain – saddle too high, your body is moving from side to side as your legs extend causing friction on the hips

Buzzing in the palms – this is nerve pain that can be helped through padded gloves or dual density handlebar grips

Pressure on the wrists – incorrect handlebar stem length and height can result in too much forward weight on the bars, putting pressure on the wrists

Pressure on the lower back – incorrect handlebar stem length and height can result in too little weight on the bars, making you lean back and causing the bike to wobble as there is less stability on the front wheels – putting pressure on your lower back.

Bike saddle comfort

Less is more! As much as that extra padded saddle might seduce you into thinking comfort, a comfortable bike saddle is not about squashiness – it’s about support. A thinner bike saddle will support you in the right places and you will have a more comfortable ride.

You need to allow at least 2 weeks for your bike saddle to wear in – and yes it may make you ‘ouch’ a few times at first! But once it moulds to your body shape you will start to enjoy a really comfortable ride. This is why gel saddles are so popular. It’s not too dissimilar to wearing in a brand new pair of shoes!

If your bike saddle remains uncomfortable, it may be the position that is not right. Get it checked out, if it is the wrong saddle we can advise you.

Shoes and clothing

When cycling you need shoes with a firm sole for an easier pedal action. Trainers are not ideal as the soles are too soft and flexible not giving you a good enough grip. Clothing wise you are better to wear lighter clothing in layers than bulky clothing that restricts movement.

Is your bike uncomfortable to ride?

Check out the above points and if you are unsure then just pop your bike into one of our stores and our friendly, knowledgeable teams are there to take a look and advise you.

This article has been provided by Moore’s Cycles recommended local bike retailer in Twickenham and Teddington who provide cycles and cycle accessories for customers across Richmond borough.