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Richmond Lock and Weir Annual Draw-off

An explanation of what happens during the annual River Thames Draw Off between Teddington and Richmond Locks

Visitors to Richmond around November time might be wondering what’s happened to the river!

At this time of year the weirs at Richmond Lock are left open so that the Port of London Authority can carry out essential maintenance works on the lock, weirs and sluices. This means that the river between Richmond Lock and Teddington Lock drains naturally at low tide exposing the river bed.

The Richmond Lock is also called the Richmond Half-lock as it retains water from Richmond Lock to Teddington at the Half tide level . This means that for most of the year the river level is kept at an artificially high level.

The full tidal range means that there’s a much faster current with the potential to dislodge debris, increasing the potential dangers of being on the river during this time.

Owners of boats moored between Richmond Lock and Teddington Lock should take action in good time, either to move their boats to more suitable moorings or to assure themselves that the boat is capable of taking the ground over the low waters.