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Waldegrave Clinic

A multi-disciplinary team of Chiropractors, Physiotherapists & Complementary Therapists treating muscular & skeletal pain.

When you find yourself in pain and discomfort – what do you do?

Your body is resilient, so to suddenly find yourself in pain and lacking mobility can feel both distressing and confusing – how did it happen, what do you do next?

At the Waldegrave Clinic we remove the uncertainty as we manage your pain and get to the root cause of why it hurts. There is no one fixed approach to how we treat you; we will determine the best treatment options for you whether that be chiropractic, physiotherapy, complementary therapy or a combination of practices.

The reassurance you receive is that there is continuity of care between our team of practitioners to ensure the most effective treatment for you to get you better as quickly as possible - and ensure you stay that way so you enjoy a long term recovery.

Therapies we offer:



Rehabilitation therapy

X-ray facilities

Shockwave therapy








Opening times:

Monday - Friday 8am - 7.30pm

Saturday 8am - 1.30pm

We are covered for most health insurance schemes

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Latest Property Reviews

  • "Friendly"
    Friendly, efficient reception. Excellent treatment. Best place to go with any sort of back/neck pain or related problems. Good for holistic healing. Highly recommend
  • "highly skilled man"
    Can't recommend Tom and the team highly enough! Tom has been fixing my hereditary and self inflicted back problems for more than 25 years now (since I was 5 years old!) and has never failed to amaze me with his magic! The most professional, personable and highly skilled man, possibly in the whole world!!!
  • "Excellent treatment"
    Excellent treatment from chiropractor Catherine and masseur James. Both are courteous but more importantly effective! You are expensive though.
  • "staff always polite"
    I have been using Waldegrave Clinic for more than 15 years and it is a very professionally run business and staff always polite. Highly recommend Emma Morris for her Chiropractic expertise.
  • "very professional"
    I had an excellent massage at The Waldegrave Clinic with James Carolan. It was very relaxing and soothing, especially welcome having recently taken part in a 10K run and also because my work is mainly office based. James was very professional, addressed any specific treatment requirements and got rid of any muscle tension. Highly recommended.
  • "excellent care"
    I am being treated for a chronic back condition and cannot imagine how I would cope without the excellent care I get from Tom Greenway and his team. He is my Knight in Shining Armour !
  • "Fantastic treatment"
    Fantastic treatment by Owain Evans. From serious pain to fixed in one week. First diagnosis was 9-12 weeks. Amazing, thanks.
  • "very friendly and professional."
    Really effective, instant treatment and Owain is always very friendly and professional.
  • "Good interfascial skills"
    Good interfascial skills. A pleasure to be his (Owain) patient. Sciatica leg pain slowly relieved.
  • "Brilliant service"
    Excellent treatment. Owain reassured me and my neck feels 100% better. Brilliant service and treatment.
  • "very friendly staff"
    Brilliant service and very friendly staff. Waldergrave Clinic originally helped diagnose my back problem 10 years ago when 2 Hospitals and a Doctors surgery turned me away, they really did go above and beyond to ensure I was given the correct care and attention. I have since relocated but still drive back to Teddington as I just cant see how any other practice can look after me the way they do! Worth every single penny!
  • "caring treatment"
    I always receive fantastic, professional and caring treatment that works wonders.
  • "very active"
    We have seen Mr Greenway for many years and he has always sorted out our problems and kept us very active in our retirement.
  • "Good treatment"
    Good treatment improved my condition considerably. Seen by Jon
  • "helpful staff"
    Friendly, helpful staff, excellent treatment. Seen by Nick
  • "really knowledgeable"
    My chiropractor Owain at the Waldegrave Clinic is really knowledgeable, ethical and effective. He doesn't tell me I need to come back more often to make more money - he genuinely wants to make me better.
  • "very friendly staff"
    Excellent treatment, very friendly staff. I was seen by Owain.
  • "very efficient"
    Treatment was very efficient, effective and informative. Very professional and friendly.
  • "i'm grateful for the recommendation"
    I was recommended the Waldegrave Clinic by a stranger in a pizzeria one evening. The Waldegrave Clinic has a therapeutic setting and I was recommended to visit Tom Greenway [Chiropractor]. I had a complex set of symptoms but Tom stuck with me when previous specialists ‘rubbed their hands of me’. Tom has natural charm and listens and after one month, I’m on the road to recovery. I’m grateful for the recommendation I received and I would like to pass the same recommendation on!
  • "extraordinarily kind"
    "My mum turned 91 in April and, having always been in excellent physical and mental health, developed an extremely painful back and leg problem when her sciatic nerve was trapped following a fall. We saw Matthew for just a few sessions, and he literally worked wonders, combining acupuncture, massage and gentle manipulation of joints. Mum could hardly walk without shouting in pain before and wasn't sleeping well - now she is walking without a stick (at top speed,usually!) and is back to living independently again. Without his help, things could have become impossible for her. He took time to listen patiently, give information, reassure, and use acupuncture so he could get to the most painful areas and make a difference. She had given up thinking that she would ever get better - perhaps not surprising, given her age - and was losing hope. I cannot say thank you enough for this extraordinarily kind, skilled, professional service. You turned her life around, THANK YOU. Jude T"
  • "staff are polite and helpful"
    "The Waldegrave Clinic is a very clean, professionally managed business. The staff are polite and helpful and the chiropractors are first class. Thanks"
  • "Extremely professional"
    Extremely professional, which means very good results. Everyone is very friendly and helpful. Been coming since 1989.
  • "friendly, professional"
    They're friendly, professional, and wonderful at their jobs.
  • "kind and supportive"
    I always receive a warm and helpful reception when I am here. Tom is kind and supportive and is helping me get better and giving me helpful advice to improve my posture. I was recommended Tom from my family and would definitely recommend him and the clinic to others.
  • "treatment is excellent"
    The receptionist are always smiling and helpful and the treatment is excellent.
  • "very professional"
    Welcoming, friendly yet very professional. I have been a patient for over 10 years and don't believe I would have been able to work or walk properly without their care. I recommend them for chiropractic, acupuncture and aromatherapy.
  • "attention is very good"
    You care to attention is very good, no rush experienced in treatment. Everyone who we've met - reception, physiotherapist - are excellent and caring. Premises well kept. Will tell others of my care from you.
  • "professional and charming"
    "I used the services of Matthew Clifton-Hadley, a chiropractor at the clinic and he diagnosed and successfully heated my problem which my GP had failed to do. He was professional and charming as were all other staff I came into contact with."
  • "extraordinarily talented"
    "I was treated without success by a succession of chiropractors and osteopaths for an extremely painful back injury that greatly impaired my ability to walk. Discovering Tom Greenway and The Waldegrave Clinic was a life changing experience for which i'm eternally grateful. Tom is an extraordinarily talented healer who restored my faith in the profession by restoring my ability to walk without pain. He is definitely the best - by a long chalk."
  • "Welcoming, helpfu"
    Welcoming, helpful, professional, confident and effective chiropractor.
  • "gave me my life back"
    "It sounds over dramatic to say that visiting The Waldegrave Clinic gave me my life back, however, that was the case. Having thought that I had got to give up diving I now have no problem thanks to Owain and his expertise as a chiropractor."
  • "worked miracles!!"
    Come to see Matthew with a very sore lower back - he has worked miracles!!
  • "everyone performs wonderfully"
    The Waldegrave Clinic has changed my life. From the friendly and efficient admin staff to the skilled practitioners, everyone performs wonderfully. After decades of chronic back problems I overcame my scepticism and tried chiropractic. My back has been better in the 5 years since than in the previous 30.
  • "Mighty impressed"
    Mighty impressed with treatment from Matthew Clifton-Hadley.
  • "service is excellent"
    I have attended the clinic off and on for 20 years. The chiropractic service is excellent and so is the efficiency of the office.
  • "professional and very helpful"
    All the staff at the Waldegrave Clinic are very nice, professional and very helpful. I have been attending there for several years now and would recommend to anyone.
  • "get me back on my feet"
    The team of chiropractitioners especially Tom Greenway have helped 'get me back on my feet' quite literally. Without their help, manipulations and guidance, I would not have been able to conquer my back pain and nor achieve all I have done since.
  • "Lovely manner"
    Heather - Pilates. Started to improve muscles, bones and posture - after years of neglect. Lovely manner and style.
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