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Percy Chapman & Sons

The epitome of a trusted local shop serving the public since 1886. For pet supplies, fishing supplies, gas bottles, gardening supplies and hardware supplies.

Percy Chapman & Sons typifies what a local business should be. They are the handiest store to have on your Twickenham doorstep, providing pet supplies, fishing supplies, gardening supplies, hardware supplies and gas canisters.

Established in 1886, Percy Chapman & Sons is one of Twickenham's oldest established family businesses. They pride themselves on always delivering a good old fashioned, polite and helpful service - but with the modern touches of same day delivery and competitive pricing.

What you will find:

Pet essentials - everything your pet needs for health and enjoyment:

Food, treats and snacks

Cages, hutches, cat and dog beds

Tubes and runs for small pets

Toys for cats, dogs, birds

Grooming equipment

Leads and collars

Fishing essentials and expertise - we can provide for all your fishing needs and answer many of your queries:

Dynamite baits

Pike baits

Specialist carp baits sold loose or in bulk

Main Line

C.C. Moore

Gardening essentials - everything you need to make your garden grow:

Watering and spraying products

Garden tools

Stone ornaments

Shrubs, trees and bushes


Bark, chippings and trellises

Grass seeds

Loose fertiliser

Gas bottles for:


Small and large mobile heaters

Blowtorch use

Industrial heaters

Domestic use

Hardware essentials - high quality products and tools for the DIYer when getting on with:

Minor home repairs

Building projects

Lighting and electrical updates

Painting and decorating

Good old fashioned service

Our experienced staff are only too happy to advise and talk you through the best products suited to your needs.

Percy Chapman & Sons in Twickenham not only delivers a professional service but delivers to your door anywhere in Richmond borough.

Latest Property Reviews

  • "highly recommend"
    Been looking everywhere for Orijen dog food and after some advise from my dog trainer Lucy I went to this wonderful Pet shop and there it was. Brilliant range of dog food, toys treats you name it. At competitive prices and extremely pleasant staff- highly recommend
  • "helpful"
    I have only just heard about this Pet Shop from my dog trainer Lucy Bonner. I need to get a certain toy and discovered they had the dog food I have been searching the internet for. Orijin which is from Canada. They were extremely pleasant and helpful and I will definitely be going back. We need these type of businesses.
  • Percy Chapman is a local business that has been around for years. Whatever you need for your pets they'll have it, they've also got a nice selection of plants - or even gas canisters for the BBQ. So handy - one of Twickenham's true gems.
  • "informative and helpful"
    Percy Chapmans is a family run business and is a joy to visit... always friendly, informative and helpful with your requirements. Iʼm a strong believer in supporting these type of businesses... long may they continue!!
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