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Helping smart-minded businesses develop stellar marketing campaigns
The Marketing Essentials: Research, Copywriting, Content Marketing & Planning How do you source the ideas and inspiration to compel the right customers to choose and use you? What will be a waste of time and money? And what will help your business to grow? Knowing where to start is often the hardest part. But don’t worry – help is at hand! Hotspot Marketing works with businesses who are not yet in a position to hire a full time marketing manager, but need the expertise to research, plan and manage their marketing. Making your marketing easier to understand - and do: To get the most out of your marketing - and to work out where you are best to spend your marketing budget - we work through these key elements - essential to any successful marketing campaign.. 1: Research - any guess work is banished; your market positioning and profile audiences are clearly defined. 2: Communication – creating a powerful identity with words and a style of language that connects your product or service with your target markets. 3: Copywriting and Content Marketing - attract, engage and compel people to want to find out more about your business. Generate exposure through blogging, websites, brochures and more. 4: Planning: Marketing Mentoring – practical hands on help on a regular basis to help you plan your content marketing and guide you. After working through these stages you will most likely think 'so glad I got the help - I understand now!' If you require additional help with your website and branding, I work with a trusted network of partners for: Websites, Blogs, Apps, Graphic Design, SEO Need help with your marketing? Let’s talk! Get in touch, we can arrange a time to grab a coffee and work out how we can help you. Call Jacqui or Nick on 020 3002 7090 or visit our website.

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  • "so friendly and helpful, easy to work with"
    We were very lucky to be introduced to Jacqui and the team at Hotspot Marketing, exactly when we needed them. Having run her own small business, Jacqui completely understood the challenges we were facing starting our business, and helped us prioritise what we needed to do in terms of a marketing presence. Having a single point of contact for website design, including recommendations for a local photographer, copywriting, then later print design and training in social media and blogging has been invaluable. The team is so friendly and helpful, easy to work with, and priced very reasonably for small business. With a broad client base, we have been amazed at how timely and relevant Hotspot Marketing’s ideas for our specific industry have been, helping us with business development, partnerships and promotions. So much more than a marketing company, we recommend Hotspot to all small business owners!
  • "very professional"
    I have known Jacqui for the last 2 years, and her marketing strategies have helped my business grow. She has assisted with my company’s website; I provided the material and she worked with her team to give me a very professional looking website which has received many compliments. She has also helped me with adverts and brochures. She researched my target clients and produced impressive material tailored to my marketing campaign. I would not hesitate to recommend Hot Spot Marketing to friends or colleagues looking for high quality, value for money marketing material.
  • "fantastic personal marketing service"
    "Jacqui and Nick of Hotspot Marketing provide a fantastic personal marketing service. I wanted to create a brand identity for my business and start a marketing campaign to get new members. They developed a monthly plan for us and took control of all aspects of the marketing. I was very much of the belief that logos leaflets, campaigns and a website cannot change a business that much. But the proof is in the results that we had. My tennis company, Best Tennis transformed from being Phil the tennis coach to actually being known as Best Tennis and more than trebling our number of enquiries to date. Jacqui and Nick give advice that is actually relevant to your business, rather than trying to make you run before you can walk. Their designer Toni, provides excellent marketing materials at very affordable prices. Our logo and leaflets are simple but incredibly effective and recognisable. "
  • "organisation was very good"
    The blogging workshop was exactly what I needed to get me going in the right direction. The organisation was very good and I really like the way you made the examples relevant to the people attending.
  • "excellent overview"
    The workshop gave an excellent overview of the main social media platforms without going into too much detail and always keeping focused on the business objectives.
  • "Thank you so much"
    The workshop went way beyond my expectations. Thank you so much. It was inspiring and fun, and I can't wait to get started!! Please book me for the next Social Media workshop.
  • "gave me a lot of ideas"
    The workshop gave me a lot of ideas for developing my own Blog and the inspiration to make it happen.
  • "Very helpful."
    I work on two websites - of entirely different content. The Seminar clarified what I should be expecting to achieve on them in terms of contact/feedback. Very helpful.
  • "very useful"
    I found it very useful. I'm already doing some of it but it helped to show me what I can improve on and where the gaps are.
  • "real pleasure working with her"
    Jacqui provides a unique insight into your business, analysing and simplifying it . With the detailed knowledge she has acquired about your company, she creates a new image which is clear and concise with strong messaging and calls to action. Its been a real pleasure working with her and I have no hesitation in recommending her for any business.
  • "we have really enjoyed working with her"
    "Jacqui has brought our business into the 21st Century! She has set up all of our social marketing and helped us create an ecommerce website - we didn't have a clue where to begin so could not have done it without Jacqui's expert knowledge. Jacqui really know's her stuff and always shows attention to detail. She knew very little about our industry when she first started working with us but we were so impressed at the amount of research she did, in order to create a bespoke marketing strategy. I think she knows more then me now! Jacqui is an absolute pleasure to work with, our meetings are always fun and we have really enjoyed working with her. I wouldn't hesistate to recommend her to another business - large or small. "
  • "Always friendly and reliable"
    Jacqui has been excellent for us. Always friendly and reliable but her professionalism and skill stands out a mile. The customer research she did helped mould our new branding and the more recent copywriting has been well worth the reasonable fee. Her ability to get an essence of our company ethos in easy to understand prose has been extremely impressive. I would recommend her unreservedly.
  • "simply the best"
    Jacqui is simply the best. She completely takes away all the stress of our marketing initiatives and has the patience of a saint in dealing with our company's quirks. She developed a great understanding of our company right from the start and we have now been working with her for about 4 years. She continues to have lots of great ideas and I can't imagine where we would be without her.
  • "Jacqui is just fantastic"
    "Jacqui is just fantastic. She has helped me so much with my business and has ended up being a special friend. I really looked forward to our mentoring sessions, she's easy to talk to, has great ideas and loads of knowledge. I know I can absolutely rely on Jacqui for sound advice. She wants my business to succeed as much as I do. Thanks Jacqui, I'll be recommending you to other business owners. Christine Trigg"
  • "great trainer"
    Attended the Social Media Knowledge Session today and David Fernando was a great trainer and received a good overview of social media and have formatted some next steps and in this field with all the options am pleased with this starting point! Thanks
  • " incredibly useful "
    Jacqui has been invaluable to us. We wanted to look at re-branding ourselves to better suit the services we offer. Jacqui suggested doing some consultative research and handled it all for us. The results were incredibly useful and made it a lot easier to see the direction we needed to take. Our clients enjoyed talking to Jacqui, and we got some great quotes for our site. Jacqui worked with us to get the copy right for our site and promotional leaflets. She helped to clearly present our services and get our character across at the same time. I think most businesses have a few key people they can turn to for support and Jacqui is one of ours!
  • "fantastic results!"
    "Jacqui is a breath of fresh air - no marketing jargon or boring reports, just real business insight, hands-on support and fantastic results! Jacqui's a complete pleasure to work with and has become a key part of our 'team', having formulated our whole marketing strategy and edited The Best of Richmond BUY LOCAL publication. I simply can't imagine running my business, especially all the marketing aspects, without Jacqui's sound advice and invaluable support. Nick Taimitarha Director, The Best of Richmond"
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