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Auntie Planty Garden Advice

Personalised tuition from a fully trained horticulturist helps you to learn and enjoy a wealth of knowledge and 'how to' practical skills for gardening and plant care support - in your own garden.

Would you like to learn how to garden with confidence?

Are you keen to discover how your garden can truly blossom? And, would you like your gardening time to become really enjoyable?

Auntie Planty Garden Advice helps you to learn and enjoy how to make the most out of your garden.

Through personalised tuition from a fully trained horticulturist discover a wealth of knowledge and 'how to' practical skills for gardening and plant care support - in your own garden.

Auntie Planty provide:

Gardening lessons for novices and enthusiasts

Problem solving for specific plant problems

Flexible, affordable workshops and masterclasses

Gift Vouchers - an appreciated present!

Gardening lessons/guidance sessions

From novices to enthusiasts', tailor made, highly productive and fun sessions will help you to improve your own plant skills and knowledge and bring your garden to life.

Tuition is tailored to your garden and is specific to the soil and conditions that exist, so the results you achieve will be a perfect fit.

We will cover all the essentials of the gardening year; spring and autumn clear up, lawn feed, pruning of shrubs and plants as well as turn new ideas to reality.

Solving specific plant problems

A plant health diagnosis offers expert advice on lawn care, pest and disease control, choice of plants (e.g. spring display, autumn colour, fireworks for the winter months, saving water in drought) or a seasonal mix of all of these.

This is a valuable service if you are selling a house and need to get some 'kerb appeal'.

Gift vouchers

What better gift for a friend or loved one with a garden. Vouchers come in 2, 3 or 4 hour sessions. It's win, win,  all the way….. Your friends will think you are wonderful, the garden owner will have a great time, and the plants and garden will positively sparkle!

Flexible and affordable

Practical workshops, master-classes, or gardening sessions can be totally flexible, and are normally in your own garden. But, if the weather is too wet, Auntie Planty have sufficient material for a fun filled, info packed session around the kitchen table.


An hourly rate is charged - a typical session lasts 2 hours to consider the garden as a whole, its health and nutritional needs, and plant suggestions for the best results

Email support; for those questions you forgot to ask at the time, or that come up later, email support is available.

A few more facts about Auntie Planty

As a qualified horticulturist, Auntie Planty have been solving plant and garden problems for more than 15 years, in print, online, on the radio and now in person with this unique service.

Valerie McBride-Munro BSc (Hons) Hort, PG Dip (Plants & Plantsmanship) MI Hort

It's different, it's fun, and the garden will thank you!

Book your first session today - go on!

Latest Property Reviews

  • "years of experience"
    Super person to deal with - years of experience and happy to help beginbers. Auntie Planty's enthusiasm is infectious
  • "never had any drainage problems"
    "Valerie's expertise is second to none. We had a terrible problem with ten tonnes of top soil delivered and spread into place in preparation for our brand new turfed lawn. Everything was great until it rained, and then massive puddles appeared all over the newly prepared soil - and a week later they were still there! Over the following weeks the whole area turned into a swamp. If you stepped foot anywhere on the new topsoil you would sink. We had never had any drainage problems before and all the surrounding gardens were bone dry. Obviously turf cannot be laid in such conditions and of couse the suppliers washed their hands of the situation. The cost of the soil and labour unloading it had been well over a thousand pounds. Enter Valerie, who told us exactly what we needed to do to remedy the problem and provided us with an expert report stating the soil was not fit for purpose. We wrote to our credit card company who promptly refunded all costs and 6 months later we have a beautiful lawn with not a puddle in sight! The fee we paid Valerie was worth every penny. Couldn't recommend enough!!"
  • "wanted the garden to feel pretty"
    Like many London gardens, ours is little more than a match box. While we wanted to keep as much grass for our 2 small boys to play on, we also wanted the garden to feel pretty.
  • "provide help to ensure"
    Valerie provides more than sound garden advice and troubleshooting. She will also assist you in selecting the correct plants and provide help to ensure that plants thrive.
  • "left with the practical skills"
    I have regained enjoyment of my garden thanks to Valerie. She shared her knowledge of plants and helped give my garden a proper shape. Valerie acknowledged my limited time for gardening and came up with a suitable planting solution. Valerie made sure I was left with the practical skills to continue her Action Plan. I will be asking Valerie back to help me sort out other areas of my garden.
  • " recommend Valerie"
    " Valerie has a wealth of knowledge about gardens and plants. She will advise you on the health of your individual plants and how to deal with any pests or growing problems. She will also advise on types of plants and shrubs to suit the aspect of your garden, its soil and its size. Valerie can help re-design your garden or make a new one - she is able to source plants at a great price and offer services to maintain and improve your garden. I would recommend Valerie for all your garden needs."
  • "enables her to help her clients"
    I’m a Garden Designer, and Valerie has worked with me before on the planting phase of one of my projects. She has a great understanding of plants and the challenges that site conditions can throw at them. This enables her to help her clients, whatever their skill level, to really get to grips with their garden and how to look after it.
  • "absolutely loved our garden since"
    Valerie suggested a vertical garden, with creeper type plants that grow up a trellis. She came up with a range of plants that would flower at different times of the year. We have absolutely loved our garden since.
  • "have no hesitation in recommending her"
    "Valerie came to give me some advice and tips on the plants in my garden. She is a mine of information and went round the garden looking at each plant in turn and gave me advise on how to improve it's health (pruning, nutrients, pests) She is very knowledgeable and helpful and gave me lots of little tips. All this was followed up with a written summary that I continue to refer to. An exceptional service that gave me the confidence and inspiration to get gardening again. I have no hesitation in recommending her."
  • "garden was transformed"
    I first used Valerie's services when we needed a garden makeover before we put our house up for sale. Valerie came up with some great ideas to make the most of the space, but without having to spend a fortune. She suggested the right plants for the right places and moved a few existing plants around to better positions. The garden was transformed and we quickly sold our house.
  • "highly recommend Valerie for all your gardening queries"
    "Valerie came round to my garden to give me advice on how I could improve what I already have. She was extremely knowledgeable and full of excellent advice and hot tips. Her strength lies in the amazing knowledge and enthusiasm she has for her subject and her ability to teach you what you need to do yourself. It is like having an encyclopaedia at your elbow! After looking round my garden with me she went away and put together a written plan with links to bits of information and suggested planting schemes. I highly recommend Valerie for all your gardening queries and improvement needs."
  • " Hurrah for Valerie"
    I can’t tell you what a relief it was to meet Valerie, more commonly known as Auntie Planty. I am really potty about gardening and growing my own veg but constantly frustrated by my lack of knowledge on the horticultural front no matter how many books I read and TV programs I watch. I needed someone in the know to help me with my garden and plot. In a short time Auntie Planty resolved problems, showed me step by step how to do things, and moved things around for better results and visual impact. Sad looking plants really took off and suggestions like ‘have you thought about this or that plant for winter interest’ or ‘this plant looks sick you need to do……..’ You then receive a written document with all her suggestions listed. Valerie has come up with all the answers. She knows everything I don’t. Hurrah for Valerie and a big thank you.
  • "want her to come again and agai"
    Valerie came round and gave my garden a thorough review. She was so knowledgeable and enthusiastic, and is particularly hot on plant health and how to solve problems. I took lots of notes, and then had a very useful follow-up email with a detailed summary and further useful information. A great service. Valerie came and helped me plan my garden and helped me to plant it up. She is extremely knowledgeable and fun to work with and i want her to come again and again.
  • "most cost effective specialist"
    Valerie's plant knowledge is extensive, as is her knowledge of pests and diseases. All it takes is for her to walk around your garden once and you will be given invaluable advice on plant issues you never knew you had, plus solutions for the issues you did know about. Valerie is every garden's best friend and the most cost effective specialist you could ask to help your garden grow.
  • "Valerie is the ideal person."
    Valerie helped me turn a bramble patch into a lawn! We worked together and she gave me tips and advice that made much more sense than just reading from books or TV. Plus her follow up helped me see the job through and achieve results. if you haven't had a kind knowledgeable gardener in your family, Valerie is the ideal person.
  • "She is an incredibly experienced"
    Valerie doesn't just give great garden advice, she is an amazing plant detective! If my plants could hug her for giving them a new lease of life, as I learn how to care properly for them, and what to feed them, they would. She is an incredibly experienced, uber qualified, wonderful lady to have in your garden with you.
  • "it's the perfect, practical gift"
    Auntie Planty is great; she's a pleasure to deal with, provides sound, no-nonsense advice about plant care and is good on design, too. Her gift voucher scheme is really clever - it's the perfect, practical gift for anyone who cares about their garden and needs the odd boost of advice.
  • "AP has removed me "
    excellent service, i was tired of paying people to do my garden who then did not produce the result i wanted but did not have the knowledge of experience to do it myself - AP has removed me from the horns of that dilemma!
  • "practical advice on plant suitability"
    Very knowledgeable and practical advice on plant suitability and pests and diseases and a nice, warm personality. I learnt a lot and it was a great help in getting me started when I didn't know where to begin.
  • "excellent service,"
    Valerie helped us design our small London garden. She then helped us with decisions regarding grass, shed position and colour. She followed this up with help regarding the best plants, taking into consideration our preferences. She then bought them for us and planted them up. Besides her outstanding knowledge and expertise, sHe is such a pleasure to deal with and we love our garden. I would highly recommend her services. I R St Margarets Very knowledgeable and practical advice on plant suitability and pests and diseases and a nice, warm personality. I learnt a lot and it was a great help in getting me started when I didn't know where to begin. excellent service, i was tired of paying people to do my garden who then did not produce the result i wanted but did not have the knowledge of experience to do it myself - AP has removed me from the horns of that dilemma! Auntie Planty is great; she's a pleasure to deal with, provides sound, no-nonsense advice about plant care and is good on design, too. Her gift voucher scheme is really clever - it's the perfect, practical gift for anyone who cares about their garden and needs the odd boost of advice.
  • "The best I know"
    Valerie visited my garden and gave me expert advice and suggestions. I now take better care of my plants. I liked her friendly approach, I appreciated her expertise and the garden is the better for her recommendations. I've also heard her doing the same for another very different garden with many established trees and bushes and her knowledge is impressive. The best I know.
  • "wait for her to come"
    "I haven’t got a garden! but lots and lots of plants outside my ground floor flat. They were so desperately needed help! with Valerie’s help we cleared out all dead plants and arranged a recovery area for much needed plants! It felt great to be involved so inspiring and satisfying I really enjoyed my afternoon. I wouldn’t have done this if it wasn’t for Auntie Planty’s energy and knowledge. Can’t wait for her to come back with more of her fantastic ideas. Thank you Auntie Planty :-)"
  • "She is fantastic - so knowledgeable"
    "Valerie has opened up a whole new world to me.. That may sound extreme but I really mean it. I have a garden and while loving it had very little idea of what to do in it or the confidence to do it. Friends noticed this and gave me a voucher for some lessons with Valerie. She is fantastic - so knowledgeable yet totally unthreatening and practical. I am now totally hooked on gardening thanks to Valerie. Aside from the above she is really fun to be around so I can't recommend her more highly. "
  • "We were very lucky to meet you"
    Thank you so much for your amazing advice and assistance. We were very lucky to meet you, and look forward to your next visit.
  • "what a difference her time has made"
    "Last week, Valerie Munro (Auntie Planty) came round to check out my garden and give me some ideas for my lawn, which was full of holes. I had no idea what a gold mine of information she is! She shared so many tips and ideas of her own, which made sense, were easy to understand and even easier to put into practice. Among other things, Valerie showed me how to prune my roses, which bit to cut off and even how roses have hormones and how they affect it's growth! She also showed me her own fail safe method to fill in the holes in my lawn, which is already working, and she pointed out a couple of cases of vine weevil and advised how to treat - again, very easy to do and easy to remember - and loads more! I enjoyed the 2 hours I spent with her enormously. I learnt so much valueable stuff from her and I very much look forward to showing her what a difference her time has made to me and my garden."
  • "little more knowledge that she kindly shared with me"
    "Valerie Munro left me inspired and feeling able to crack on in my own garden. I have worked with pleasure and self-confidence in my garden since her visit. I will definitely have Valerie over again in the autumn to work with me on preparing my garden for the winter. Valerie has a fabulous concept in which she works alongside you and leaves you with an understanding of your own garden. It feels great to have a little more ownership of my garden armed with just a little more knowledge that she kindly shared with me. "
  • "look forward to her return visit "
    "Any amateur gardener will probably have a couple of gardening books at home that they can read, but the information in them is all very general. What Auntie Planty has to offer is knowledge and horticultural experience that is actually tailor-made for your own garden. Valerie's recommendations on specific nutrient deficiencies and plant pest control was very helpful. I look forward to her return visit in the spring."
  • "understand my plants' needs"
    "My garden needed some tender loving care, and yet I hadn't a clue where to start. In a very short amount of time, Auntie Planty showed me how to prune my roses, how to move established plants, how to reseed my lawn, how to feed my plants appropriately and how to consider suitable plants for seasonal colour for the gaps, so that the garden looked interesting all year round. In only one two-hour session I learnt such a lot, and now feel empowered to better understand my plants' needs."
  • "given me excellent advice"
    "Part garden designer, part hands on gardener, part trouble shooter. Did a great job with a very difficult wisteria. Also has given me excellent advice and help with the rest of the garden. A local gardening centre recommended her to me saying that can sort any problem or save any plant, that's been true. "
  • "visits us approximately"
    "We had our back garden redesigned about 15 months ago and suddenly realised that we didn't know enough about the on-going up keep to ensure it looked great all year round...that's where Aunty Planty came in! Valerie is excellent at understanding what look we wanted to achieve and teaching/training us in how to get it. Her fantastic knowledge of plants and how they will look (especially when they grow!), coupled with her lovely sense of humour has been perfect for us. She visits us approximately once every few months to help us prepare for the upcoming season - everyone comments on how great the garden looks and a huge part of that is down to Valerie/Aunty Planty. "
  • "offered loads of advice"
    I bought a gift voucher from Aunty Planty for my wife, Valerie made an extra effort to ensure it was a surprise. When she came to help in our garden, she offered loads of advice and we are absolutely delighted with the results. She comes very highly recommended.
  • " Full of knowledge and energy"
    Valerie has helped transform my neglected, struggling garden and more importantly given me the confidence and ability to maintain it. Full of knowledge and energy she was a joy to work with.
  • "Valerie is professiona"
    "I contacted Valerie as the front garden needed returfing and I am very pleased with the result. Not only did she tackle the problem of the grass area but she gave advice and assistance with improving the planting in the surrounding flower beds. Valerie is professional, skilled and knowledgeable, friendly and helpful. Her enthusiasm for all things horticultural is apparent and I found it infectious. I like her method of working [i.e. getting the client involved in the work] as it gives people ownership of their garden I am more than happy to recommend Valerie [Auntie Planty] to prospective customers."
  • "I would definetely recommend Aunty Planty"
    "Auntie Planty was fantastic! With her hands-on approach she guided us through the achievable possibilities of our overgrown garden, with us all working together. We wanted to take out some of the overgrown shrubs to plant apples, plums and pears cordons. We also wanted to make some space for some raised beds to grow veggies and have space for our daughter to play!. We never dreamt it was possible change our garden so radically and so quickly , but with Valerie's help we did it! Valerie also came up with news ideas to improve our garden and after only one two-hour session, we also laid some new turf, the garden seemed to stretch, and we had fun into the bargin.... So I would definetely recommend Aunty Planty"
  • "can call on Valerie for help and advice"
    "Valerie was recommended to me about 3 years ago when I had just moved into a town-house with very small back garden. She helped me make a small lawn and make the most of the flower beds - not an easy task as one side bed and the bed at the back get very little light. She is so enthusiastic, knowledgeable and hands on that it is infectious and she fills you with inspiration. Last autumn she completely redesigned a large bed outside the front of my house forming part of the communal gardens. Together we selected various plants (mainly Valerie’s suggestions) and drew a plan and then planted many different plants and shrubs to give colour and texture throughout the year. I can’t wait to see the bed in spring and then will enjoy working on it throughout the year seeing the plants grow to make a full, colourful bed that will be the envy of all around! I know of many garden designers but have never come across anyone who offers such a unique service. I have learnt so much and know I can call on Valerie for help and advice."
  • "thoroughly enjoyed my time with her,"
    "My daughter presented me with a 3-hour Auntie Planty gift voucher for my birthday, to ensure that I would get out into the garden and start enjoying the plants before the garden ran completely wild. During my voucher time with Valerie, we planted up more than 30 different roses, we discussed proper pruning for other plants, we identified several plant pest problems and she offered effective remedies, we talked about appropriate climbing frames for clematis and other climbers and she gave me some wonderfully colourful ideas for me to develop in the coming months. I thoroughly enjoyed my time with her, I learnt a lot about proper care for my plants, it was good fun and her down to earth approach has given me inspiration to get gardening. I look forward to another session in the spring."
  • "great company and great value for money"
    "My overgrown garden was quite a daunting task, but with Auntie Planty's guidance, she helped me to see through the jungle to the possibilities on the other side of a session of hard but accurate pruning. I’m very impressed with the space that I have gained as my garden is now 2 metres wider. I am ready to roll out Auntie Planty’s suggested phase 2! No matter what level a gardener you are, Valerie will help you as well as your garden to grow and flourish. Great experience with great company and great value for money. "
  • "very pleased with my new found gardening"
    With my new house, I inherited a rather strange line of straggly willow plants between us and the neighbours - I was just about to pull them out, but Auntie Planty stopped me, and has helped me turn it into an attractive 'fedge' - a cross between a fence and a hedge. She has also guided me to establish my very first productive vegetable garden - I'm very pleased with my new found gardening skills.
  • "Paying for Valerie's service was well"
    "We wanted to change our garden from very boring to somewhere we enjoy being but knew from experience that we may waste lots of money on plants that didn't work in the space we bought them for. Valerie's knowledge was very impressive and we were very happy with the guidance she gave for plant choices on our trip to the garden centre. When we planted all our new purchases, Valerie encouraged me that it would spring to life soon, and she was so right. We had beautiful colours all summer, without spending a fortune and with no wasted money on mistake buys! Paying for Valerie's service was well worth the investment!"
  • "brilliance and good health of the roses"
    Valerie has helped my daughter successfully reclaim our over-grown back garden.. I have to say that the display created in the front garden has had passers by stopping to admire the brilliance and good health of the roses.
  • "undoubtedly been the secret of her success"
    Auntie Planty has helped me to create a very special garden. Her humour, her down to earth attitude and her ability to get the best possible results out of the plants in my garden has undoubtedly been the secret of her success.
  • "Aunty Planty brings all of that"
    You can cut the grass and do the weeding but what you need is knowledge, advice and inspiration. Aunty Planty brings all of that.
  • "Without her high level of expertise"
    Valerie is a star! She transformed my very neglected garden into an eye-catching display of plants with striking foliage, and beautiful flowers with gorgeous smells. Everything suited it's situation perfectly. She was extremely generous with her time and truly modern in her ideas. Without her high level of expertise, I would not have sold my house!
  • "No sensible gardener should be without Valerie"
    Valerie McBride is an inspiration. I had the most daunting jungle of a garden and we tackled it together. It was a huge task but her enthusiasm carried us through. We are now working on building a completely new garden from scratch. Not a bit daunting with Valerie's knowledge, experience and endless enthusiasm and patience. No sensible gardener should be without Valerie at their elbow giving wonderful advice.
  • "secret of her success"
    "Auntie Planty has helped me to create a special garden. Her humour, her down to earth attitude and her ability to get the best possible results out of the plants in my garden has been the secret of her success. She the the best. Every garden should have an AuntiePlanty! NT"
  • "recommending Auntie Planty "
    "I opened my garden up to the public under the National Garden Scheme, and I needed to have Valerie’s speciality of plant health make sure that all of the plants were in tip top condition. I learnt a lot from her. I would have no hesitation in recommending Auntie Planty to anyone who is looking for the best possible results for their garden."
  • "Have learnt so much from her"
    Valerie has been helping me with my garden for about three years now, and I am extremely impressed with the results. She must have magic fingers as all the plants respond to her pruning, transplanting and training and I have learnt so much from her too!
  • "delighted to recommend Valerie"
    " "We sought advice when we noticed that our previously lush terrace garden was looking miserable and the plants appeared to be dying. Valerie was able to quickly diagnose the problem as 'vine weevil' and even managed to catch one to show us. She explained that the bite marks in the leaves indicate the type of insect responsible, outlined the life cycle of this particular infestation and offered us several solutions. We chose the nematode method of treatment which works on the grubs in the soil and this has completely solved the problem returning our potted vines to their former glory. Valerie was also able to advise us on the type of plants that would thrive in this particular location and how to prune the ones already there. She was also able to advise us on an elderly lime tree in the communal garden and identified a nasty outbreak of ground elder. We were thoroughly impressed by the range and depth of Valerie's knowledge and her ability to transform gardening difficulties into an enjoyable and informative experience. We are delighted to recommend Valerie to anyone who has plant problems from trees to pot plants."
  • "Thank u"
    "Valerie offers a unique service to her customers, which I found invaluable. Buying my mother gift vouchers, which come in 2-4 hour sessions,instead of a bunch of flowers, gave her one to one tuition on 'how to' practical gardening skills and plant care. Time spent was highly productive and fun. The small limited outside space, gained kerb appeal. So gardening advice given at a very nice price. Thank u
  • "Thank you Valerie!""
    "This was our first house with a garden and we were clueless as to what needed doing. Valerie taught us so much, from the most basic trouble shooting to the more aspirational aspects. Apart from her horticultural knowledge, she was invaluable in recommending reliable and reasonable local specialists like tree pruners, fence menders and hard landscapers. Thank you Valerie!"
  • "more valuable help and advice from Valerie"
    I would like to commend Valerie on all the help that she afforded my wife and I in planning our garden. Valerie's approach it quite unique - involving us in all aspects of the garden, from shrubs to furniture. We were amazed and delighted at Valerie's total enthusiasm for our garden - as if she was planning her own garden. We could not recommend Valerie high enough - don't take our word for it - just experience it. We look forward to more valuable help and advice from Valerie in the near future.
  • "really good value for money"
    Valerie provides an extremely useful service; she is reliable, she knows what she is doing so my plants respond well and she is really good value for money.
  • "enjoyed the gardening with her"
    I thoroughly enjoyed my gardening sessions with Valerie. She gave me enthusiasm & confidence to tackle the garden myself. She was also great (& patient!) with my toddler who enjoyed the gardening with her too.
  • "fully reccommend her"
    Excellent advice given to us by Valerie greatly helped in replaning our garden. Valerie came to the nursery to help choose the right plants and continued past our agreed time to complete the planting. We will certianly use her services in the spring especially as it is becomming more dificult for me to work in the garden. A very cheerful and knowledgable person my wife and I would fully reccommend her to our friends.
  • " she makes your garden look great"
    Valerie is very knowledgeable, but at the same time down to earth and practical. She is good fun to work with, and had my kids digging away within a few minutes. She works with the layout and plants you have, rather than suggesting drastic expensive changes and yet simply put, she makes your garden look great.
  • "looking forward to building on her advice"
    I used Auntie Planty to get ideas for a very dry, shady garden and she was a great help. I've implemented some of her ideas and have enjoyed a much prettier garden as a result! I'm looking forward to building on her advice this year. (She also helped me rescue an orchid which is still thriving!)
  • " shortcuts to achieve this realistic goal"
    It was a real pleasure to work with Valerie, just what I needed. She understood instantly that we wanted a low maintenance garden/football pitch which was also nice to look out on and gave us tips and shortcuts to achieve this realistic goal. Her fun, get stuck in attitude is inspiring, I will never be scared to tackle the garden again!
  • " a fountain of garden knowledge"
    Valerie's help and advice is invaluable. I have just booked her for some sessions throughout the spring as my garden is opening for the first time under the National Garden Scheme. Valerie will keep me and my garden on track throughout the season whatever the climate throws at us. She is an inspiration and a fountain of garden knowledge.
  • "some good sound advice, call Aunty Planty"
    Valerie inspired us to have go at gardening. Her hand holding approach (including accompanied nursery trips) made us feel as though we were involved in creating our front garden rather than simply bystanders. She gave us some great tips - especially about seasonal planting and colour, and as a bonus she is very good value. I've loved seeing my front garden grow from nothing to something really quite lovely. If you don't know where to start with your garden or you just want some good sound advice, call Aunty Planty!
  • "Can't recommend her enough"
    Valerie is a marvel. She has demystified gardening for me. Working with her on my garden is fun, interesting and productive. We took up half a patio and laid turf in an afternoon. I now look out now at healthy strong new grass. My shrubs are pruned and I have a manageable and exciting plan for the spring. I'm learning as we go along and thoroughly enjoying it. Looking out of the window I see MY garden not the overgrown unmanagable mess I started with. Valerie's style of working with you to help you do what you want is great. Can't recommend her enough.
  • " 100% positive - a unique service."
    Valerie is brilliant. Really helpful - especially as I'm a complete gardening novice. Very hands on and gets stuck in but explains everything as you do it with her and advises you as to what to plant, how to prune different plants etc. If you're worried about tackling a jungle and don't know where to start - Auntie Planty is definitely for you. 100% positive - a unique service.
  • "delighted with my mini-greenhouse"
    I thought everyone should know that Valerie doesn't only do gardens, she advises on Houseplants too! Our new office was in need of some greenery, so after a site-visit to assess our light and space Valerie suggested a range of suitable 'indestructable' plants! Armed with AuntyPlanty's advice I hit the garden centres, and am now delighted with my mini-greenhouse... many thanks!
  • "thoroughly recommend her."
    We needed a complete revamp of the front garden, which for gardening newbies gave us a challenge - learn about gardening or pay to have it done. Aunty Planty provided us with the best of both worlds. She was really helpful, conscious of our budget, and good fun to do it with. We’d thoroughly recommend her.
  • "obvious she loves what she does."
    "My indoor plants were in dire need of TLC. Having Valerie (Aunty Planty) take care of my ""babies"" - her ""patients"" - was such a fun and uplifting experience! And it's obvious she loves what she does. Sue P"
  • "Excellent value for money"
    After living for years with nothing more than a roof terrance I finally got myself a rather overgrown little garden. Valerie has helped me to tame it and add to it (I am an enthusiastic novice). She is very knowledgable, down to earth and great fun to work with; very hands on and we have been out there in all sorts of weather! Excellent value for money and great tuition. I thoroughly recommend.
  • "she's keen for all of her clients"
    Our house was for sale and the garden really needed a make-over to look presentable to prospective buyers. We didn't want to spend a fortune as we wanted to move and Valerie came up with some great ideas for making it look good on a budget. She suggested what should go where and she went and bought the plants. Not only is Valerie incredibly knowledgeable but she's full of fun and I know she's keen for all of her clients to learn as she helps them.
  • "understanding of gardening"
    A well-informed and enthusiastic teacher who has supported us to plan and develop our garden. We are VERY pleased with the results and really appreciate her encouraging us to find our own design style. We would recommend her to anyone especially those wishing to develop their knowledge and understanding of gardening.
  • "wanted someone who could supplement"
    Valerie's advice is always down to earth and practical, obviously coming from a vast experience of how plants grow and what they can look like in all seasons. I wanted someone who could supplement my own knowledge, showing me how to use what I know to get better results and blend it into a whole that looked great and stayed that way. You won't be sorry you called her!
  • "Valerie is worth every penny of her valuable time"
    "29/3/2008 We invited Valerie i.e. ""Auntie Planty"" to help us with our garden in Kingston, expecting an academic approach, but she is a whirlwind of energy with a hands on approach backed up by her extensive qualifications,knowledge and experience - she helped remove a small tree, shrubs,advised how to prune and prepare soil, treat against insects and how to choose plants, tools to use, how to plan our garden,etc.She demystified everything so that we felt confident enough to tackle our new garden.We will continue to get her ideas and help on an ongoing basis.What a revealation. Having your own garden consultant is an enlightening experience and avoids making costly mistakes.Valerie is worth every penny of her valuable time. Every garden should have an AuntiePlanty ! Glenn and Lucie - Kingston upon Thames"
  • "definitely ask her back"
    After having fired our gardner we were delighted to come across Valerie; she really does know her stuff. From a blank canvas she has helped build and shape the garden layout; it is now great and has something interesting for every season. She goes as fare as coming with you to the nursery and help you get the right stuff; this was just so efficient and great fun. She is great working with and we will definitely ask her back.
  • "our plants would be thanking her too"
    After living with our rather dull and overgrown garden for the last five years Aunty Planty is giving it a new, exciting lease of life and making it a pleasure not only to relax in, but to learn about and nurture through the seasons. Her enthusiasm is infectious and her knowledge invaluable. We canʼt thank her enough for the difference she is making and if they could, our plants would be thanking her too.
  • "really recommend her"
    Valerie is such fun to work with, she has so much enthusiasm and of course tremendous experience and is a constant flow of fantastic ideas! I would really recommend her.
  • " I recommend her"
    The most magnificent and knowledgeable lady at a very nice price! Valerie really does know her stuff, our garden is beautiful and she has helped us to create it. Not only can I recommend her I would go so far as to say our crazy if you donʼt use her.
  • "will call on her again to advise"
    I found Valerie McBride good company,very informative and hard working.I really felt that I'd had value for money and I certainly will call on her again to advise and help with my garden and maintenance.
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