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3 Reasons to choose a Christmas Disco Cruise

The clocks have gone back and the countdown to Christmas begins! If you haven’t already organised the work’s Christmas party, then you need to get planning fast – as everyone else is!

One of the most difficult tasks for the party organiser is finding the right venue. With so many people to please, logistics and cost, it can get really stressful thinking of ideas to ensure a great night for everyone.

But where do you start looking for something different when so many Christmas party venues deliver the same old thing year on year?

Disco party cruises along the river are a fun and novel way to celebrate. For the party organiser, it’s one of the least stressful options to consider

Top 3 reasons to consider a Christmas Disco Cruise

Quintessential venue – each boat is fully heated, perfect warmth to show off the party frock. The richness of the wood interior, plush booths and tasteful decorations set the scene perfectly for Christmas.

Brilliant dance floor – just the right amount of ‘Christmas cheese’ is sprinkled amongst the most popular floor filling tunes

Easy planning – all you have to do is get your guests to the pier on time. No menu planning – a fish and chip supper is delivered fresh on board part way through the cruise

“Good value and great fun – we come back year after year” West Thames College

Who gets on board?

Lots of local Surrey companies in Kingston, Richmond borough and Hampton Court use the disco cruise as their Christmas party. So to do groups of friends who just want a good night out with no hassle.


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