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Womens Bikes: Buying a bike for the first time

Moore’s Cycles in Twickenham, provides some tips for women when buying a bike for the first time.

Buying a bike for the first time should be a fun experience. Yet for many women, that first bike can be a daunting purchase. What are the right questions to ask? And what questions should you be asked to find the right bike for you?

Moore’s Cycles Twickenham – twice voted the best Independent Bike Retailer for outstanding customer service – has seen a significant growth in Women’s Cycling over the last 3 years. Here, manager Ben gives some practical advice and a few helpful pointers when buying your first bike.

Where will you ride your bike?

Before looking at any bikes the first question to ask yourself is where you intend to ride. How much riding on the road, how much cycling down the tow paths and if applicable, how much ‘off road’ mountain biking?

Then, it really is down to percentages – breaking down the different uses for your cycling to determine exactly what the right bike is for you: whether a road bike, hybrid, mountain bike or traditional bike.

Bike or brand?

It’s easy to get seduced by a brand – that’s shopping! But each bike brand has its own strengths and weaknesses, so when finding the right bike for you – your choice should be made on bike over brand. This is why we cherry pick from brands that we trust for their quality and value for money to give our cyclists a wider choice. Specialized are experts in designing womens specific geometry bikes

Height matters

Your height is the starting point to working out your body geometry to find the right bike for you – long legs, short waist or short legs long waist – there will be a different women’s bike to reflect your geometry. Long gone are the days of painting a man’s bike pink and calling it a ladies bike!

Just by looking at your body geometry, we can advise you towards specific bikes – and the only way for you to know is to sit on it and take it for a test ride.


Sizing is one of the main reasons why buying a bike online can never be a good idea as there is no one size fits all when buying a bike.

When you see a bike advertised as 19” – that relates purely to the length of the seat tube and is just one measurement out of many different measurements that will relate to how the bike rides.

Each manufacturer will differ – a Specialized 19” will be different to a Giant 19”. The only way you can correctly determine sizing is to see and try the different bikes yourself.

There is a lot of commercialism around bike fitting, but the honest truth is that you will learn more from riding a bike for 1 minute than any fancy piece of equipment.

Weight of bike

The lighter the bike, the speedier it can be plus it will be a good climber when cycling up hill. Generally, the more money you spend, the lighter the bike will be.

What to do next?

For the best advice, visit your local independent bike shop that has experienced and fully trained staff and is not selling just one brand of bikes. At our store, we hold Womens Nights specifically to help mentor ladies to help them choose the right bike and understand the basics of bike maintenance and safety.

To enquire give Moore’s Cycles a call on: 020 8744 0175

This article has been provided by Moore’s Cycles recommended local bike retailer in Twickenham, Teddington who provide cycles and cycle accessories for customers across Richmond borough.