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‘Why I love dentistry’

We find out why Dr Hap Gill makes Richmond smile!

When hearing other dentists travel hundreds of miles to be treated by Dr Hap Gill of The Gill Clinic in Richmond – we assumed he must be pretty good at his job! We find out more…

What inspired you to become a dentist?

“I was very artistic at school and liked science. As a teenager I became fascinated by the work of my dentist and always had a good banter with her. It just seemed a fulfilling job to do.”

Describe your journey

“I studied at Sheffield University and after two years working for the NHS set out on my own personal quest to discover the latest skills in dentistry. I attended various training schools across Europe before finishing at the Pankey Institute in Miami where I am now a member of the faculty and am invited to visit to teach other dentists.”

How has dentistry evolved?

“What has been revolutionised is how we can now detect and diagnose dental decay at the very earliest stages using a laser, which means we can then fix decay without a filling. Although I love cosmetic dentistry I am fundamentally a healthcare professional and welcome the latest ways of preventing cavities for my patients.”

What do you love most about dentistry?

Working with people. We have the most amazing characters who visit the practice from all walks of life – our patients are wonderful.