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Dental implants with Dr Hap Gill at The Gill Clinic Richmond

Phyllis Hicks, patient of Dr Hap Gill, Cosmetic Dentist, Richmond shares how they’ve changed her life.

Phyllis Hicks was struggling. She had lost her teeth at the early age of 45. This caused her to be confined to the limitations of dentures. Not being able to eat the foods that she treasured and loved was disheartening.
Over time, Phyllis had lost most of the bone that she relied upon to support those dentures. Her face was sagging from the lack of muscle support. Sores from her dentures not fitting properly was making life miserable. Her constant fear that her teeth might pop out at any moment was paralysing her in social settings.

In her words, “dentures made me seem older than I was both physically and emotionally!”

Dr Hap Gill explains how Phyllis Got Her Life Back

“Mini Dentals Implants provided Phyllis with new options never previously available to her. Using a precisely controlled, minimally invasive technique, it is a simple one step procedure that works for both upper and lower dentures.”

How long does treatment take?

“After an initial consultation and planning, your next appointment to fit the implants will only take 1 short visit.”

Are implants expensive?

“Mini implants are a fraction of the cost of traditional implants – starting from £1995.”

Are implants worth it??

“For Phyllis, to no longer be covering her mouth self-consciously, eat happily and to smile confidently has put a bounce in her step again – her family is thrilled.”

Are you struggling with dentures? To see how implants can help you, call to arrange a free consultation with Dr Hap Gill and enjoy discussing the first steps to a new smile.